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Dominican Republic Map

A brief explanation of  the geography of Dominican Republic. Sharing the island of Hispanola with the Republic of Haiti, The Dominican Republic is the second largest of the Caribbean nations, with an area of some 48,400 sq. kilometers (18,800 sq. miles ), about twice the size of Massachusetts.  The population of the country stands at 7,600,00, a mixture of different national influence.  The economy has traditionally been built on agriculture, with sugar holding a preeminent position, followed by coffee, tobacco, and cacao. Mining is also a highly significant activity for example; the largest world's open-pit gold mine, silver mine and also the most valuable amber mine in the world.  Located on the heart of the Caribbean  makes this island the best island to expend your vacation.

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Climate Hot..!!!!!!

Its tropical latitude and favorable trade winds ensure a moderate year-round climate, with temperature rarely falling bellow 16c  (60f )nor rising above  32c  (90f). The climate, along with its extensive beaches, have made the Dominican Republic a tourist destination of the first rank.


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